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"Don't ask what the world needs.

Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.

Because what the world needs is people who have come alive".

Howard Thurman


Align to Your Passions and Purpose in Life

Tap into your inspiration, love, wisdom, joy and fulfilment

SOUL POWER Life Coaching "Breakthrough" Programs

Life Coaching
assists your personal growth in any area(s) of your life. It seeks to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. We work in partnership to clarify your new vision for your life, and then create strategies and plans to achieve this. You are guided and supported to get into action to manifest your vision. I offer insights, assistance and resources that identify and release the blocks holding you back, so you can effectively move forward.
You simply bring your willingness to open to new possibilities and perspectives, to be honest with yourself, and to explore different ways of approaching life’s challenges and manifesting results.

Life coaching is always a partnership, structured, practical and action oriented for tangible results.

Each Breakthrough program is created for your individual needs and designed to give you a “toolkit’ that ensures you build powerful foundations and practises that bridge you to an inspiring future, after the coaching series.
How do SOUL POWER Life Coaching “Breakthrough” Programs differ?

Soul Power “Breakthrough” Programs assist you to live true to you and your soul path. They are a unique combination of Life Coaching tools and resources, Spiritual Practises including Meditation and Spiritual Healing. This combination fast - tracks your progress and keeps you aligned to your heart dreams. It intends to align your spiritual and physical realities -body-mind-heart and soul. I integrate the wisdom and resources I’ve gained in my 20 year deep spiritual journey, with my professional training, skills and experience as a Life, Executive, Business, NLP and Intuitive Coach, Counselor, Corporate Trainer, Facilitator, Educator and Communicator. Click to read more on Carolyn

SOUL POWER “Breakthrough” Coaching Programs are holistic and ever-evolving.  My intention is to align you to your true self, your unique gifts, passions and authentic expression. This is your true source of joy, love, peace, creativity, inspiration, meaning and fulfilment in life. I believe you hold within you all that you need to access, for your success. My role is to facilitate, illuminate and empower you, by unlocking the answers held in your heart and soul’s knowing.

Setting Intentions - goals and intentions differ

Often the goals we set for our life are driven by outside influences and our conditioning from family, community, culture or significant others in our life. We ignore the deeper yearnings of our own heart and allow the conditioned “ego mind” to drive our choices, its wants and needs. When goals do not satisfy the deep yearnings for joy, peace, meaning and fulfilment in life, they often require us to push harder to achieve and don’t satisfy for long. There’s always something else. The difference is that goals require continual effort to keep motivated. Think about smokers wanting to quit or weight watchers, both often regressing.
Intentions inspire, arising from the nudges of your heart and soul.  Intentions are supported through the universal flow of creation energies.
“When you listen with the ears of your heart you hear the voice of your soul” Sufi
Soul Power Coaching guides you to access and listen to your heart’s guidance. When you offer your intention from a meditation space of clarity and open heart, it is like a “prayer” to the Universe”, sending a clear message to the infinite field of creation and possibilities.

Intentions relate to the higher perspective and vision for your life such as:
  • Living with more joy; or peace; or love; or abundance; or fulfilment; 
  • Finding and living your soul purpose;
  • Stepping into the vocation that your heart calls you to
  • Finding your soul mate relationship.
  • Creating more loving relationships
  • Feeling inspired in life
Empowering you through Your Heart and Soul connection

Your Essence or True Self is your Soul – the part of you that holds the highest vision for yourself and your life. You open to this connection through the heart. Click To read more on the SOUL
When you are willing to listen to the truth that your heart is calling forth for you, you can connect with and live the highest expression of your natural gifts and talents. It allows you to come into the natural flow of creation energies so that synchronicities abound and life unfolds “magically’. You develop the “soul qualities’’ of joy, love, creativity, abundance, peace, wisdom, compassion and fulfilment. You learn to apply the energy principles of the universal field of creation and infinite possibilities - now validated by quantum physics principles. These are the Universal Laws of energy such as the Laws of Attraction, Karma, Manifestation, Love and Reflection.

“Angelic Heart Prisms” doorway to your Soul and higher guidance

The soul gift I access, called the “Angelic Heart Prisms”, allows me to hold you in a loving, open- heart sacred space of connection to your soul’s higher guidance. It empowers you to gain clarity and insights on your intention, details of your vision and the practical step by step actions to take, that are in synch with your divine timing.

Change happens from the inside out -The Journey of Healing and Creation

As you journey towards manifesting your intention, you will meet and remove the stumbling blocks to your progress that arise from within. This is normal and often needs you to dig deep into the unconscious, to access and release limitations and sabotage patterns.  I use various healing modalities to fast-track your progress with more ease and grace, as you step through change. This includes Soul Attunement sessions that release and repattern at your core cellular DNA level. These sessions combine energy balancing that draws on a kinesiology modality called Rekindled Ancient Wisdom with Angelic healing, sacred art and sound healing. You are held in the Angelic Heart Prisms healing space where soul and genetic cellular memories and akashic records are released. Spiritual Healing modalities effectively compliment and fast-track the coaching results. Click to read more on Soul Attunement session
Sound Healing
or Sacred Healing Art

Meditation Practises

Basic to the coaching program is the regular practice of “Presence” meditation. Finding the stillness within opens you to your heart and soul connection. You receive other meditation practises and a personalised Meditation C.D. for your daily use. Access Free Meditation Audios Click

All Breakthrough Programs are available by telephone and Skype globally or in person at MacMasters Beach, Central Coast, NSW, Australia

I recommend 12 Week “Breakthrough to Personal Success” Program

This 12 week timeframe is important for it allows the necessary changes to occur at a deep level. Your brain and neural pathways are reprogrammed to new habits and perspectives. Click for how it works.

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