Free "Stress-Release" Meditation MP3



This short (11 minute) audio mp3 "Release Stress"
This practical resource may just bring relief for anyone feeling somewhat time poor and stressed at any time.            

Calm the Busy Mind, Relax the Body Tensions, Find Inner Peace 
Whatever it is, the flurry of energy that we can get caught up in, tends to be magnetising and destabilising. It's challenging to stay calm, centred and peaceful as we work through the to-do list!

Time poor and big on need? A quick tool to re-balance your energies

This free short (11 minute) audio is a resource you can keep and use at any time when you are time poor and big on need to re-balance your energies. It's mp3, portable (for ipod or other device) so you keep it handy for a quick 11 minute rebalancing-any place, any time.  You just need to notice when "stress" symptoms activate and choose to stop and re-balance your energies to find peace, clear the mind and emotions, relax the body.

Cumulative Benefits for You of this Powerful practise

As you make this a regular and daily practise, stopping and re-grouping in this way, there is a cumulative beneficial effect over time. Science has done many studies that prove the benefits you can experience over time with sustained practise. Click here to read more about "Soul Power" meditation sessions.

Some of the benefits you can look forward to, from continued practise:
  • Improved health and well-being
  • Stress hormone levels reduced
  • Improved heart rate for a longer life
  • Raised anti-aging hormone (DHEA) levels
  • Maintained emotional clarity in the midst of chaos
  • A clear and focused mind
  • Access to your intuitive knowing
  • Increased creativity
For more information, click here to read my article "What is "Stress"? How to take charge."

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CAUTION: do not use when driving

It's a handy tool to re-balance your energies

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