Sound Healing


The world of self-healing with sound and music is effective and growing.
Presently sound is used by:
  • Health practitioners to induce relaxation, treat fatigue, sleep issues, anxiety
  • Doctors using ultrasound to heal bone fractures, kidney stones, possibly cancer
  • Learning disability experts treat children with highly advanced stimulating sounds
  • “Scenar” "Pens" and other devices used by body workers to project frequencies that accelerate the healing of tendons or muscles and align vertebrae
  • Psychotherapists use music sound systems that balance the brain hemispheres
  • Holistic doctors use crystal bowls and Tibetan metal bowls to generate sounds to calm and relax patients
  • Dr Emoto demonstrated how water is the greatest carrier of sound and vibration by observing the effects of various frequencies to create different crystal formations- often using the focused power of human intention such as for love, peace.
  • Science believes that sound can effect healing through the DNA. Scientists researching  the genetic codes of cellular DNA, find the codes are analogous to music. References below
"The body is an orchestra that can be tuned and made healthy with music, mantras and many other sonic modalities."


I’ve come to understand how my work facilitates healing, for it applies the same principles of transmitting specific energy vibrations (frequencies) needed for the client to tranmute exisitng energies creating imbalances in the being.

Soul Attunment sessions work with a specific intention for the recipient.

Selected healing CODE art that transmits healing energies through the visual frequencies of colour, texture, geometries and sound mantra, are accompanied by healing sounds and vibrational energies channelled specific to the intentions of the recipient.

The unconscious non-resonant energies held in the DNA - old belief patterns and karmic memories that are locked  in trauma and hold low vibrational frequencies - are released.
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How can sound and music be used to heal and transform?

Everything is in a state of energy vibration.
“Your body is like an orchestra that can be tuned with sound” Sounds bypass the conscious mind allowing us to be more receptive to the energies. The effect is resonance and entrainment i.e. the ability to shift lower vibrations to align to the frequencies of the higher vibration offered.

You are a unique vibratory being, for your Soul Essence is unique –It is your special vibratory note in the symphony of life. The vibrations for your healing are unique to you.

The power of intention. How the vibrations interact with you depend on the frequency and the intent behind it. Your words, thoughts, feelings and beliefs amplify the healing power. This is why we set a powerful positive intention centring our energies in an open-hearted high frequency energy space.

Your voice is an extraordinary sound –healing instrument. Just as I channel specific high frequency sounds for healing, called “light language’, we all can use our voice as an extraordinary sound –healing instrument. For example: voice toning and chanting mantras is an age –old practise to re-align the energy centres, chakras of the body.  Each sacred healing art CODE I channel is accompanied by a mantra that I sound to ground the CODE into the earth. Read about Light Language

Various modalities using sound as a healing system exist now.
Here are some references:
Johnathon Goldman, "The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing"
SomaEnergetics;  David Hulse;
Dr Mitchell Gaynor, M.D. Oncologist “Sounds and Healing”
Andrew Weil M.D. Holistic Doctor

Deepak Chopra, Quantum Healing