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Can you imagine a world where more love, joy, abundance, peace, creativity, sense of community and co-operation exists? 

It is time to create a new reality! 

“Be the change you want   in the world” Mahatma Ghandi

  About Carolyn-Ann Cini

    Professional Life "Soul" Coach,

Spiritual Teacher, Holistic Healer,

         Sacred Artist, Kinesiologist
Carolyn-Ann Cini

“My passion is to inspire, nurture, lovingly guide and support you, as you choose to know your true self more deeply and to express your innate gifts, talents and passions in fulfilling ways.  I assist you to connect to the calling of your heart and soul as you align to your unique soul Essence, purpose and life path. You’ll experience a more inspired, creative and meaningful life growing in the soul qualities of joy, love, abundance, harmony, peace and wisdom.”."

Free to be you! Free to love yourself and your life!

Hi I'm Carolyn-Ann. I’m grateful and blessed in "working" in my passion and joy. I am honoured to share my knowledge, skills, gifts, experiences and resources of my own journey, so that you also can feel free to be more of who you truly are – free to love yourself, your work, your life. Click how I work for more details

Heart-Centred Soul-Full Living

The journey home to your true self is a beautiful journey of love. You learn love, acceptance and compassion for yourself, others and life. In turn you attract back to you more of the same. Through loving acceptance of all that you are and life brings, releasing sabotaging patterns, you are free to live authentically, not to live someone else’s version for your life.

"Soul Searching" A Search for Clarity, Direction and Meaning

In 1997, significant areas of my life all seemed thrown into chaos by circumstances I thought were “out of my control". I had gone to study the ancient wisdom and practises of the Hawaiian Huna and the ancient Hula dances. My spiritual path was activated and a journey began. My significant relationship ended, I was retrenched from my corporate job for the fourth time in 10 years, my dad had cancer and the foundations of my recently mortgage-free home, were literally cracking and crumbling - a perfect metaphor for my life. I felt stripped bare of everything I thought I was and had achieved, feeling "lost" in my world. It was time to build new foundations, new values, beliefs, perspectives on me and life!

With University degrees in science, education and marketing, I had felt relatively “successful” in my careers as a Science teacher, Film Production Manager, Senior Manager in Sales, Marketing, and Public Relations roles The “collapse” of my world as I knew it, was the catalyst to begin a deep search to find myself and greater meaning, love, peace, harmony and joy in my life. I began to experience the path of "soul-searching" – the same path as my clients.

Life Coaching evolves to Life "Soul Power" Coaching

Disenchanted with corporate life in 1999, I trained and then worked in my own business as a Life, Business and Executive Coach and also applied my love of teaching and communication skills in the area of corporate Leadership, Team Building and Customer Service Training.  I realise that all my career work has involved my passions – inspired, effective communication and exploring what “makes people "tick”, flourish and find personal contentment. I explored personal and spiritual development philosophies, learning and applying resources and practical tools from varied sources including the ancient wisdom of the Hawaiian Huna, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Metaphysics, Spiritual Healing and the Sacred Mystery School teachings.
As my personal journey unfolded, I began attracting coaching clients seeking as I had done, more joy, love, meaning, passion and authenticity in their lives. These are the qualities of our "Essence", our Soul. Only in developing our heart - soul connection do we find the answers. The Law of Attraction really does work!

A new chapter, 2007 Unfolding mystery - opening to new soul gifts

It's been an extraordinary journey since 2007, a testament to the amazing and unfolding mystery of our lives and discovering who we truly are!
I founded SOUL POWER Unlimited in 2007 to reflect my evolving focus on developing one’s open heart and soul connection and the unique Life "Soul Power" Coaching integrative approach to aligning people to the "Essence” of their authentic Self and soul path.
2007 intensive training in GAIA Sacred Mystery School, created significant shifts in my consciousness and initiations into new "soul" gifts which supported and  confirmed that I was "on track'' to fulfil my destined soul path. These soul gifts include accessing and clearing the soul's Akashic records holding the limiting karmic memories trapped in traumas from of other times that veil your true self and sabotage your reactions and actions in life, opening the heart to Universal Love energies through my Divine Mother connection, the true source of healing. Most exciting, I’ve been developing a unique gift called "The Angelic Heart Prisms", a sacred high energy space I activate, that opens a doorway to access higher guidance and
healing transmissions. It’s been grounded and integrated through me by channelling sacred art, sound and angelic frequencies of energy. 
These gifts assist me in my mission to enable you to live aligned with your true self, your highest path and potential expression in life, as you choose to open to your heart-soul-spirit connection and guidance and live from this alignment.

2014/2015 Sacred Mystery School studies have evolved my soul gifts and deepened my abilities to connect you to heart-centred soul-full living.

My Services are Integrative, Individualised and Group Programs that align body-mind-heart-soul-spirit into action.
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I integrate meditation practises, wisdom teachings, Neuro Linguistic Progamming, EFT, TAT and Spiritual Healing in Life “Soul Power” Coaching Breakthrough Programs,” Food for the Soul “ Meditation groups, Workshops and Individual Sessions. Individual sessions include “Soul Guidance”, Sacred Counselling, Meditation, "Soul Attunements" - energy balancing using a multi-dimensional kinesiology approach called "Rekindled Ancient Wisdom" combined with angelic, sacred healing art and sound energy transmissions.  

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Carolyn-Ann Cini – Qualifications/ Degrees
Accredited Business, Executive and Life Coach
"Rekindled Ancient Wisdom" Accredited Level 10
Master N.L.P. Practitioner - Neurods; Chris Howard
Counseling Certificate, Telefriend Helpline
Certificate in Emotional Freedom Technique
G-A-I-A Sacred Mystery Schools
Huna Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom

Graduate Diploma Marketing
Bachelor of Science
Diploma in Education

Sacred Art Code   

"Soul Essence Connection"  

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Phone Carolyn: 0438 733 517   Email:coach@soulpower.net.au             

Address:4 Wallace St.MacMasters Beach Australia  Skype:carolyn.cini

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