Soul Path Blueprint Reading

“Know thyself, live true to you.  Share your Essence, love your life.”

Soul Path Blueprint Readings

The age-old questions: Who AM I really? What am I here for? When these arise we are awakening to seek a higher vision for our life, one that has meaning; engages our passions and joy; brings contentment and fulfilment.

Soul Path readings offer insights and understandings to guide your journey. Each draws on the ancient sciences of astrology and numerology using your birth date and time. They assist you to answer questions such as:

  • What are the highest potentials for my soul’s expression in this lifetime?
  • Am I living aligned to my highest potential?
  • Am I sharing my talents, soul gifts and passions
  • Do I own how I uniquely and joyfully express these in the world?
  • Am I aligned to my true purpose in life?
  • Am I living true to my destiny or someone else’s version of my life?

When you align to your highest Life “Soul Path”, you naturally grow in the soul qualities of joy, fulfilment, abundance, peace, love, compassion, wisdom, creativity and inspiration.

Your Soul Essence is eternal, unique to you, and seeks to grow

Your soul Essence holds the blueprint for your journey, both eternally and specifically for this incarnation on Earth. It contains all potentials - talents, gifts, passions, life contracts and purpose.

 Shamanic Astrology-for the Soul

This unique approach to astrology, specifically addresses your soul lineage, what your soul brings into this lifetime and the potentials you have chosen as a soul to explore in this current life in order to grow and evolve. 

These can be read in your Birth Chart generated from your time, date and location at birth. Your birth chart is a map of these potentials. The seasons of our life, the patterns and cycles of our psyche are the same as the natural patterns and cycles of the constellations and the sun, moon and planets.  We are experiencing this magical connection every moment of every day, yet may not take the time to notice.

Sometimes it’s easier for others in our world to see our true potential and feel the nature of our unique Essence – the special note, the frequency that we hold and contribute to the symphony of life.

Astrology, Numerology and your destiny

Astrology and Numerology offer useful insights and understanding for your soul path and life contracts - what you have chosen for your soul’s journey to grow in self-love, self-knowledge and self-realisation in this incarnation.

The energy science of Numerology also offers insights and understands held in the vibrational energies of the key numbers represented in your birth time and given name.
What is a Soul Path Reading?   
  • I inter-weave information offered from your astrology, numerology and spiritual insights to enrich the reading.
  • A reading takes 60-75 minutes
  • You provide Birth Details: time, date, year, location and full Birth Name including middle names.
  • We can connect via Skype, Telephone and In-person at MacMasters Beach Central Coast NSW
  • I provide an audio recording for you to keep and listen to at any time
COST $170
BOOKINGS/ MORE INFORMATION:  Carolyn 0438 733 517
Skype: carolyn.cini  Click to Email

What Clients Say
"I highly recommend Carolyn’s Soul Path readings. I received a session for myself and my partner. Carolyn provides an immensely safe, loving and honouring session. She offers profound insights, understanding and illumination into one’s nature, potentials, learnings and gifts. She offers reflection into what paths and personal approaches we have chosen in this life, as Carolyn weaves Shamanic Astrology, Numerology and her spiritual perceptions throughout the session. The session was invaluable for insights regarding oneself and another in partnership. I am so grateful for the beautiful wisdom unfolding through Carolyn’s session."

Melissa Edwards, Teacher and Spiritual Healer

“I found the shamanic astrological reading a wonderful guide as an overview of my soul path, the gifts that I have to share and the direction I’m heading in. I could really resonate with the information shared and I felt held in a loving space during the reading. Carolyn is wonderful at bringing the astrological wisdom into a concise and helpful form. Thoroughly recommended to anyone interested in the potential of their soul path.”

Fiona, MacMasters Beach

Phone Carolyn: 0438 733 517             

Address:4 Wallace St. MacMasters Beach Australia  Skype:carolyn.cini

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