“Your life unfolds according to the questions you ask”

Align to Your Passions and Purpose in Life

Tap into your inspiration, love, wisdom, joy and fulfilment

Your "Soul Guidance" Session
When you live your heart dreaming in alignment to the calling of your soul and spirit, your life unfolds magically. You are in the flow of creationwhere you find the deep level of fulfilment, joy, love and abundance that no other person, event or thing, can give you.

A “Soul Guidance” session empowers you to take charge of your life

Developing your inner knowing and receiving the guidance you need to access your highest path to fulfilment in life, is an empowering process. You come to realise that you hold within you all the answers that you seek to your highest life path.
As you learn to access, receive and trust your own higher guidance and take action on it, you experience the magic and synchronicites of being in the flow of the creation energies.
  • Do you have clear visions and dreams for your life?
  • Are  you unsure of the next step or steps in moving forward towards your vision?
  • Is it divine timing to take action right now?
  • Are your visions and dreams resonant with the calling of your soul?
  • Can you distinguish when your visions and dreams are resonant with your heart, soul and spirit or simply your ego telling you all it wants for you?
  • Are you feeling confused because your path seemed clear and yet obstacles to moving forward, keep occuring
The key for you is in developing your inner guidance connection

The questions above relate to “soul questions” you may wish to ask; those that seek the higher perspective on your life. As your facilitator and guide in the “Soul Guidance” sessions I assist you to clarify and ask “soul” questions. Wherever you are at presently on your soul path, you may wish to receive information related to more clarity, direction, focus and /or actions, steps and the appropriate "divine timing" to move you forward.

As I partner with you, depending where you are on your soul journey, it may assist you in any of the following ways:
  • Open you to expand your consciousness, your creation potential and receive your soul gifts
  • Offer clarity, wherever you are now in your journey; Heart and mind merge as one. You are free of the restraints of the lower ‘ego” mind that wants to protect you by holding you in old patterns that have become “comfort zones “. The ego is the source of confusion and overwhelm.
  • Assist you to become clear on your vision for your life - your heart dreaming
  • Identifies and releases any programs preventing the full alignment of your soul purpose to your vision for your life
  • Reveals the steps by step process; the direction, priorities and timing to move you forward towards consciously creating your heart dreaming
What to expect in a "Soul Guidance" Session
I create and hold an energetic space that enables you to connect easily with your guidance. This is a sacred etheric temple space called the Angelic Heart Prisms that I have been grounding on the planet since 2007. This is a doorway into the realms of spirit and to our soul counsel, our higher guidance. I activate and hold the energies of the temple space and as you sit within it I lead you through an attunement to the energies. This enables you to access an expanded space of peace, stillness and connection to your higher guidance.  Click to read more

You then put forward your intention for the session outcome. This may be as simple as asking for "what is the next step for me on my soul path". From this intention other questions will arise during the session. I assist you in this step-by-step process of formulating questions.
The soul carries karmic wounds and ancestral patterning that may arise in the session and this has probably been holding you back until now. I assist you to remove any blocks or limitations that arise in your process using my higher guidance and inner knowing, soul coaching skills, various modalities to clear the emotional, mental and physical energy bodies, akashic record clearing processes, and energetic transmissions through angelic healing, sacred art CODES and sacred sounding.

My intention is for you to receive whatever is in the highest for you in the session, always with ease and grace. My role is
as guide and facilitator of your process and not to give you your answers. This strengthens your trust in your inner knowing and empowers you.

I ensure that you leave a session with answers and resources to get into action.

What clients say

"I would highly recommend receiving one of Carolyn's personalised "Angelic Heart Prisms" sessions to assist you to gain a greater awareness and understanding of your Souls purpose. Carolyn led me step by step through a simple process which assisted me to release old thoughtforms and physical discomforts which were blocking me from receiving clear guidance from my Soul about my future direction.
She helped me to feel safe and supported, using her powerful healing codes and sound healing, whilst guiding me to find the appropriate questions to ask myself in order to receive the highest guidance from my Soul.
Being held within the beautiful sacred 'Angelic Heart Prism' was a gentle, yet powerful experience during which I experienced an amazing connection with my own Angelic Presence and received a deep healing from her within myself....amazing!
I have come away from my first 'Angelic Heart' session feeling deeply touched by all that occurred and very excited about the clear guidance I received in answer to my questions about my Soul work for next year."
   Bronwyn Hamilton, Doula

“I was surprised how absolutely clearly and easily I received the guidance that I asked for in answer to my questions.  I felt very held in the temple space of the Angelic Heart Prism that Carolyn activated and anchored, and the frequency was very palpable. Carolyn’s step by step guidance was very perceptive especially the art CODES she chose to present to me. The CODES, along with her energy healing, activated the release of resistances that came up in the session. This process was really very supportive and quick, gently and effectively realigning me to my higher mind connection. I now have the clarity I asked for. I feel so much more confident to move forward, as I trust the nature and quality of the very clear guidance I received.”    Ocha, Teacher

"I have so much gratitude for your soul guidance sessions. What a privilege.  I asked for clarity and I received it.   Over the last week I have remembered who I am and been shown who I am not which has gently guided me back onto my path.   For someone like myself who continually seeks, nurtures and values a strong spiritual essence, a few guided questions in combination with a little soul surgery and spiritual tools from a guided master was all that was required to remind me where I need to be. Learning how to "check in" with my soul periodically is a very valuable skill. May the whole world benefit from your divine mother essence like I have. Blessings and thanks."   Bridget BoVardia.

Is a “Soul Guidance” session in the Angelic Heart Prisms for you?             Consider this checklist:
  • I am willing to take responsibility for all that I have created to this moment – all my current  people and circumstances and all that I am creating
  • I acknowledge and honour  my divine nature as a powerful creator being of love and light
  • I embrace the idea of the unfolding mystery that is my life - accepting life’s journey is an evolving path to personal fulfilment and empowerment.  It is a journey of love through reclaiming my divine self and aligning my heart’s desires to the calling of my soul.  To manifest my heart dreams requires clarity of mind and intention, focus and sustained “will”.
  • I am willing to access and act on my inner knowing/guidance through the practise of stilling my mind and opening my heart
Duration: approximately 1 ½ hours
Cost: $170 Available by telephone, Skype or in person
Location: 4 Wallace Street, MacMasters Beach, NSW, Australia
For more information or to book a session, contact Carolyn: 
Telephone: 0438 733 517  Skype: carolyn.cini