"When all areas of your business are working in harmony, all flows in the business with ease. This includes your personal alignment with the business". 

Balance Your Business 

Are you seeing adequate results for the time and effort you give to your business?

Are you lacking the inspiration and/or creativity to drive your business further?

Are you challenged to focus your time and efforts where you know you need to do so?

Are you aware of business opportunities that just won’t seem to manifest?
Are you wanting to feel that your business flows with ease?

Your business can hold stresses in its energies, resulting in blocks to the business flowing as effectively as possible.  This means your business will struggle to attract what it needs to grow and succeed.

Identifying and removing the stresses from your business restores the flow of ideas , creativity, resources  and  finances, attracting the right people and situations for it to evolve. It gains a new lease of life and things begin to fall into place.

Often we have valid explanations for why the business is not achieving what we want.  Our close connection to the business can prevent us from seeing the real underlying reasons for the challenges arising. 

A Business Balance Identifies the Issues and Problems

Rebalancing your business is done using energy balancing based on a kinesiology approach that accesses all the subtle energy bodies that may be influencing issues in your business and generally in your life now. The  Click here to read more. Rebalancing considers the three areas of the business affected by the challenges arising. These are:

The foundation of the business balance – stresses held in the business from its conception

The fundamentals balance – the workings of the business on a day-to-day basis

The future projection  – the ideas, concepts and plans for the future direction of the business
Closely looking into the challenges in all three areas and identifying where the problems really are, releases the blockages that hold the business back.  The business is then free to flow and move forward with ease.

Personal Alignment Balance

The next step is the ensure that you are fully aligned to your business.   This balance ensures that you will release any past beliefs, fears and perspectives that may hold the business back.

Give your business a new lease of life using a combination of these four balances. I usually suggest receiving one of the balances each week over four weeks. I include a check-in bonus call between sessions to keep you focused and aware. It's important to be able to notice, acknowledge and celebrate the shifts that are occuring.


"Carolyn facilitated a series of 4 energy balances over the 4 weeks for different aspects of my business.  I am amazed to see and feel all the changes that have occurred in the last 4 weeks. I can't say that I understand how the energy balancing works - all I know is that it does.  I have new business contracts, people approaching me for work contracts who I haven't spoken to for some time, increased positivity in my staff and my overseas distributor talking to me about new opportunities. I'm especially excited about a new product we're launching soon and a rebranding of our company name, a task that I had been  contemplating for the last 2 years, and it's finally happening! Many positive changes have come to fruition in greater ways than I expected."
Renato P
Business Owner

4 SESSION PACKAGE BONUS: includes a check-in between each session at an agreed time.

COST: Package of 4 sessions includes check-in bonus $600

First session is 2 hour consultaion and balance $180

Sessions 2-4 @ $140

To move your business forward contact Carolyn on 0438 733 517 for a free consultation or email:

Balances can be done remotely. Click here for more on remote balances and  Energy Balancing for business and personal issues


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