JUNE NEWS Facing Your Fears; FREE audio Process; Article

June 9, 2014
Joy, love, fear, in fact all emotions, are a valid part of experiencing the colours and textures of our life journey. We haven’t really been taught how to deal with fear – except perhaps to “feel the fear and do it anyway”. There is a gentler way!

Accepting and facing our fears can be a challenging yet necessary part of our spiritual growth. I am inspired to share with you a simple practise I find so powerful to dissolve fear, as it arises. As we release these energies that can limit us in so many ways, we become more of who

we truly are – realising more of the love and light we are. We more powerfully and effectively create our heart dreams and live true to our life purpose.

I’ve made a short free (10minute) audio you can download to assist you.

The secret is to use this process when you catch the fear arising and the fear will “dissolve”. This 10 minute process is simple, gentle and effective.  It calls for your willingness and focus. See below for the 5 Step Process and Article on Fear

ARTICLE “Where Fear and Love Meet" - 5 Step Process To Dissolve Your Fear

Check it out at

Tuesdays "Food for the Soul" Meditation and much more! Now a.m and p.m. classes

February 5, 2014
Hi beautiful ones

Great to be starting the Tuesday groups
again with the new evening class as well as the morning.

Read more about why it's meditation and much more!

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News Update January 2014 FREE Gifts; Article "Personal Power"

January 24, 2014
Hello Beautiful Ones
Wishing you an amazing and magical 2014!  Check out the free gifts - a short MP3 MEDITATION, FREE1/2 hour "Life Directions" Consultation and article on "Personal Power-What's it Mean"  I hope they help kick-start your year to be an empowering one. This is when the magic unfolds! Meditation Groups commence on Tuesday February 18 Hoping to see you there..

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August News Update Free 1/2 Consultations and New Services

August 7, 2013
Hello beautiful Ones

I'ts been a while and lots has changed in my life and work.  Here's my newsletter with a slightly changed look - more changes to come!
Here's the link

Blessings of love and joy

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2013 energy update. Corrected date for Feb."Create your Vision" workshops

January 8, 2013
Hi beautiful

Here's the link to the latest 2013 energy update and message
How are you feeling in the new energies? what's happening after the" big Shift"?

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2013 Celebrate Contemplate Create with the New Energies

December 31, 2012
Hi Beautiful

Happy New Year!
I feel I've finally arrived in the new energies. How are you feeling?
To assist you in harnessing the new energies, check out my January 2013 ezine for details on Vision Board Workshops in February 2013 and the new "Soul Guidance" sessions I am offering to empower you to follow the calling of your heart and soul.

May 2013 bring to you all the love, peace, joy abundance and fulfilment you seek
Blessings of love and joy on your journey

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SAVE 30% "Spring Clean" special offer on Energy Balances - valid if taken by November 30, 2012

October 27, 2012
It's a great time to clear the energies on all levels of your Being to prepare for the new.  Remember how good it feels to add sparkle and shine to your environments, clean out the shelves, cupboards and wardorbes, mend or throw out all that is broken.  All activites that make space for the new to move in.
Cleansing on the inner levels of your Being will assist you to move forward with new perspectives, resolving old programs, beliefs, fears and doubts that may be preventing you from making f...
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”Your Life Purpose” workshops. What are you here to be, do and express in your life?

October 26, 2012
"Where your gifts and joy meet the needs of the world, there lies your life purpose"

When you are connected to the deeper meaning of your life you feel inspired, living your passions with a sense of purpose and joy in life. The sense of personal fulfilment that results cannot be bought or be given to you by another. And it is unique to you. You gain the clarity about yourself that is an invaluable rudder
to guide you forward in your life.  Once you recognise it, you awaken the natural power wi...
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Still Time to SAVE $50 in September - New Mini-Program "Breakthrough to Clarity, Direction and Peace of Mind"

September 16, 2012
Hi beautiul ones
The energies keep surging and retreating like the ocean tides at present.  I've created this mini program to assist you. Book before the end of September to recive your $50 discount and two free meditation C.D.s.
Check it out at

Sending you blessings of love and joy on your journey

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"Change Your Life - Your values are the KEY" September workshops

September 3, 2012
Hi Beautiful One

I'm so aware at the moment of the deep changes we are all being asked to embrace.
The September planetary energies influencing us are similar to the huge shake-up in structures and ways of being, felt in the 1960's.  In case you can't recall, this was the "flower-power" hippie revolution that the Beetles and Rolling Stones exemplified, fuelled by a new generation of "baby boomers".  Likewise, the current Pluto/Uranus energies are demanding a re-evaluation of our life to find ne...

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