A "Soul Attunement" identifies energy blockages, the source of issues related to:

Your health and well-being
Fears, anxiety, panic
Relationship harmony
Reducing stress
Low energy

Self worth and self esteem
Money and prosperity

 All negative emotions
Hearing and eyesight
Sleep disorders
Lack of clarity

Lack of life direction
Lack of motivation
 Lack of focus

Business success
 Career success
Physical pain

 A "Soul Attunement" Session

Rebalance your energies

  Realign to your authentic self

Live true To You


Free yourself of patterns that limit and sabotage your highest expression in life. 

A Soul Attunement session accesses and releases the energetic source of issues currently in your life, restoring balance and aligning you to your truth.  It delves deep, uncovering any unresolved energies from other times, held unconsciously or subconsciously in one or more of your many subtle energy bodies.  The energy balance activates your innate healing abilities, reprogramming your Being at the level of the cellular memory in your DNA. You revitalising your well being restoring clarity, direction, focus and your quality of life.  When your energy is re-aligned, you can tap into your source of joy, peace, love, abundance and fulfilment in life. 

What to expect from a Soul Attunement session:

The session combines safe, gentle and effective healing modalities. I guide the session as you lie down, relax and receive the soul attunement. Your own body wisdom is the guide to how long this takes. Usually from 60 minutes to 90 minutess.  Our soul councils are working with and through us to facilitate your own healing. To read what clients say Click

A Soul Attunement combines the “Rekindled Ancient Wisdom” and "Angelic Heart Prisms” Healing Systems

What is the “Rekindled Ancient Wisdom” Healing System?

I have an affinity with spiritual healing councils from a system called “Rekindled Ancient Wisdom”, that work with me and through me. With your issues in focus, (refer to examples on left) the access points to all parts of your Being are touched gently to open them.  This allows any unresolved energies, held in any of the many subtle energy bodies that make up your Being, to be accessed.  Energy imbalances occur when “parts” are in conflict, due to traumas held in the cellular memory patterning from other times.  As you relax and receive the healing, I use muscle testing on myself to access your body's wisdom (in a similar way to “ kinesiology”). I am guided to choose the most appropriate energy balance for you there are over 35 balances to choose from – and this reprograms your Being. Specific information is accessed from comprehensive Scan Lists and Ancient Symbols as well as my Sacred Healing Art CODES. Change occurs at the cellular DNA level of programming. (see below for more on CODES)

All these tools assist me to identify, clear and release energy imbalances and blockages, rebalancing and reprogramming your whole Being. The energy balancing operates not just on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It accesses all the subtle energy bodies including the Ancestral Soul and God Presence levels of your Being. This restores optimum health and well-being, quality of life. You can attune to your soul’s highest expression in life.

I combine the "Rekindled Ancient Wisdom" with the "Angelic Heart Prisms" Healing System that is my unique gift of my soul lineage

What is the “Angelic Heart Prisms” Healing System?

Since 2007 I have been grounding through my being, to anchor on Earth, a powerful energetic field called the “Angelic Heart Prisms”.  As I activate and hold this energy space it opens a doorway for 2-way connection with our angelic guides, soul councils and team of love and light. In this expansive energy space of peace, stillness and connection, you receive healing energy transmissions and guidance. These healing energy transmissions that I facilitate for you in co-creation with our healing councils, may come as sacred sounds called "light language", sacred healing art CODES and hands on healing. As an Akashic Recordkeeper I access and release the ancestral and soul records - the karmic memories imprinted in your DNA, creating issues. 

Click to read about Sacred Sound and Light Language Healing; to read about Sacred Healing Art

“A picture speaks a thousand words”. Sacred Healing Art CODES bypass the analytical mind to penetrate the sub-conscious and DNA imprints."

Sacred Healing Art C.O.D.E.S

I source each C.O.D.E related to a specific intention from higher energy frequencies through a meditation journey. Each transmits healing energies that change the cellular DNA programs. As you look at the images you activate the energies in a simple easy way.

 C.O.D.E "Path of Love"

CODES are key tools in the soul attunement session.

C.O.D.E is an acronym for Consciously Opening Doors To Enlightenment

I source each CODE for a specific healing purpose.  All CODES have been anchored by me to assist the journey of all souls on Earth to heal blocks to realising their highest truth and potential. I have a CODE library of nearly 300 CODES - channelling the CODES has been the major process in anchoring  the "Angelic Heart Prisms" body of Angelic consciousness, on earth. Each CODE transmits healing energies to change the cellular DNA programs that are creating self sabotage and limitations to your moving forward. All you need do is look at the CODE and ask it to activate through your Being.  If you are not physically present, as in a remote balance (see below) I ensure that you receive the transmission.Click to read more on CODES.

Channelled Sound Vibrations-The "Language of Light" is the Language of the Soul

All sounds are energy transmissions whether music or bird song. As I balance your energies the sounds that I channel are received and transmitted in relation to what's needed for your intention, to clear and release old energies. They effect the DNA imprints to shift into new vibrations and release stuck energies that no longer serve your growth and soul evolution. YES! you can change your DNA and genetic potential.

What are Remote Energy Balancing Sessions?

I work from the Central Coast of NSW, Australia and serve clients nationally in Australia and internationally. A session can easily be done from a distance. You simply email or call me with the issues you wish to resolve and then go about your daily life.  I call in your energies and do the soul attunement, recording the information that is revealed. We connect on the telephone or Skype at a prearranged time to share the findings. This completes you receiving the healing.

What Clients Say Click to read what clients experience

 "Soul Attunement" sessions

First consultation: $170, allow up to 2 hours
Subsequent sessions: $150, allow approximately 80 minutes 
Extended session: 1 1/2 + hours  $170

SOUL ATTUNEMENT PACKAGE: $420 SAVE $60 Any 3 sessions taken within 6 weeks. Includes weekly check-in for coaching, guidance and support.

Sessions are remote or in-person 

Location: Heart & Soul Sanctuary, MacMasters Beach, Australia

Bookings essential: Call Carolyn: mobile 0438 733 517

Email: coach

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