Angelic Heart Prisms

Sacred Art in the form of CODES, TEMPLATES and TABLETS transmits specific frequencies for healing. Each opens and raises your consciousness to the specific healing purpose when viewed and activated.

 TEMPLATE "Angelic Heart Prisms"

CODE "Soul Path of Love"

The “Angelic Heart Prisms”

This angelic portal is a doorway that opens your connection with the higher realms of consciousness. One can connect through the angelic planes to access their soul councils. The angels and archangels, the higher level guides for humanity, can step through from the light realms to contact and commune with souls in the physical plane. It is a space of 2-way communication.

In 2007 whilst studying in the Gaia Mystery School I was blessed to reclaim a mastery I had held in ancient civilisations. The mastery (known as my Keepership) is called the “Angelic Heart Prisms”.  Seen on the inner planes of consciousness, these huge geometries of pure light refract into millions of frequencies, rainbows of colours far beyond the visual perception of our human colour spectrum. These frequencies offer transmissions of love and light for support, healing, guidance, messages, teachings and raising consciousness.

Since 2007, I have been mastering and grounding this gift of my soul lineage on earth. I have now anchored and grounded the Angelic Heart Prisms through receiving sacred wisdom teachings and clearing limiting karmic programs held in the mass consciousness of humanity. This is a continuing process that involves channelling sacred art drawings called codes, templates and tablets that each have a specific purpose. Click to read more. I also channel sacred vibrational sounds that I use in my healing work. Click to read more on sound healing.

You receive energy transmissions in alignment with the highest for you

As I merge with the angelic body consciousness of the “Angelic heart Prisms” I may be pulsed to transmit healing frequencies specific to your intentions and highest needs at this time.

As an Angelic Counsellor of Light (my latest 2015 Mystery School Project for the Angelic Heart Prisms) I offer healing transmissions and messages in specific response to your needs and intentions.

Each sacred art drawing transmits healing frequencies for a specific purpose. They are received in a meditation journey. As you look at them, they alter your DNA imprints at the cellular level. This releases limiting programs that are sabotaging you in any way to move forward in life. Each drawing is sounded through a mantra to gift in ceremony to the earth, becoming part of the new hologram, the foundations for the "New Earth".

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I channel light language sounding as appropriate from the higher realms of consciousness, offers vibrational healing through all the cells and dimensions of your being. Click to read more on sound healing

If you can imagine “angel” wings as light streaming from back of the heart when it is open, I transmit healing frequencies of love and light technologies that you are needing, as I move my "wings".

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