"We need to have more of ourselves to create what we want". Suze Orman 

 "When you get to the truth of who you are, you can change your life". Opray Winfrey 


Align to Your Passions and Purpose in Life

Tap into your inspiration, love, wisdom, joy and fulfilment

"Finding Your Authentic Self"

A 7 week journey of self discovery
"Finding Your Authentic Self" supports you in practical ways to become more of who you are. In your desire to be more authentic you will see a bigger picture for your current ideas of yourself – your identity, and your life.

Meditate and Apply the Universal Laws of energy - a powerful combination

A core practice is the return to the stillness within. Through the power of meditation practices our sense of self expands. You’ll discover the power love has to heal and transform.The program offers you understanding of the 12 Universal principles - the laws of energy – and how to apply these principles daily in your life. This is the key to finding more joy, peace, love and fulfilment in your life.
The Universal Laws include:
• The Law of Love
• The Law of Reflection
• The Law of Forgiveness
• The Law of Attraction
• The Law of Karma

As you become aware of, and learn how to release current limitations by aligning with these energy principles, you naturally become more authentic.
A greater understanding of where you’re at in life right now, your sense of direction and where to focus will be revealed.
You’ll be held in a nurturing and safe space and I offer gentle loving guidance to facilitate your self - exploration. The practical exercises and resources you’ll receive and take away will make your journey easier.

Your true self expressed in life - this is the path to joy and freedom

As you align with your authentic self you release blocks to expressing your unique natural gifts and talents in the highest way. Becoming and sharing more of your authentic self is your natural life path to creating more joy and freedom.

I invite you to join me - each group limited to 7

Format: 2 hours weekly for 7 weeks; choice of day or evening or held over 2 days for 7 hours
Location: MacMasters Beach, Central Coast
Bookings and more information: Call Carolyn

mobile: 0438 733 517