"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside awakens"
Carl Yung


"Follow your heart, your dreams, your desires.  Do what your soul calls you to do, whatever it is, and allow it to be finished; then you will go on to another adventure. 

You will never be judged unless you accept the judgement of those around you."  Ramtha


Align to Your Passions and Purpose in Life

Tap into your inspiration, love, wisdom, joy and fulfilment


Connect to your heart dreams, bring them to life, in this half day workshop

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

As the New Year ushers in new beginnings why not take some time to connect with your heart-felt desires and ground them into reality in your personal "Vision Board". Allow your true Essence, also called your soul or “Divine Child”, to have fun and play, as I hold you in a high frequency energy space of inspired creativity, unique for you.

Your angelic guides and soul councils will be present to assist you in revealing what is in the highest for you to create now. Be ready for some surprises!

2016 Workshops: February Saturday 6th or Tuesday 9th, 10-2pm

Location: 12 Victor Close, Green Point, Central Coast NSW Cost: $70

Workshops are restricted to 8 people, bookings are essential.

Please read the information below on How to Prepare and What to Bring

To book and more information: 02 4382 2587  0438 733 517 or email click here

What is A Vision Board? Keep your dreams alive and in focus

Every year at this time I take time to reflect on what I desire to manifest as the new year is unfolding. Then I anchor these desires in a pictoral representation - a vison board, that I hang in my study to keep the dreams alive and in focus. You have a tangible representation of where you're headed. Your mind responds powerfully to visual stimulation. It's so easy to get caught up in the details, the "smaller stuff", in our lives. Taking this time-out is a gift to yourself (and all around you!).

Meditation Journey -The Angelic Heart Prisms connection

First I'll take you on a guided meditation journey to connect you to your heart dreaming. The angelic portal I open to facilitate your connection to your guidance teams is called “The Angelic Heart Prisms”. As you journey into a deep guided meditation, you receive all that you need to support the intention you bring (see below). Your inspirations are captured in a collage process – a Vision Board. This will serve as a constant reminder to you to keep the focus and manifest your heart dreams.

The dates have been chosen to align to the new moon energies and Chinese new year - both powerful for "sowing the seeds" for the future.These are symbolic portals of new beginnings, ideal to intend that which you desire to create, develop, cultivate, make manifest.

What matters is that you're committing yourself to your vision, and open to receiving guidance, healing, and support from Spirit. New Moons are a blank canvas on which to place your dreams.

Conscious Creation from the Unconscious Realms - The Collage process

This is a wonderful process you can learn to use at any time that allows you to reach deeper into your subconscious.  It may reveal some surprises!  I'll take you through the process in detail.  You'll simply scan magazines and brochures tearing out the images, colours, textures and words that you're drawn to. You then arrange your final selection by gluing the images on a sheet of paper.  You may also choose to add your own drawings, writing and symbols - anything that speaks to you!.

Setting Your Intention

This intention may be in one aspect of your life, themes for your life in general such as relationships, work, business, travel, abundance, and spiritual growth OR soul qualities you are strengthening such as courage, forgiveness, compassion, self-love, OR a specific project that you wish to energize and ground.

A collage is a snapshot in time

Your collage may be different at a future it cannot tell the "whole story".  However it reveals where you are at present and we will explore this together.
You'll be one step ahead in consciously creating your future by getting in touch with and grounding what your heart desires right now in your vision board.
It's also fun to review this at times during the year to notice what has manifest. 

Workshops are restricted to 8 people, bookings are essential.

To book and more information: 0438 733 517 or email click here

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Preparing for the Workshop

You may find now that when you’ve committed to this workshop - the visual reminder of your heart dreams and focus as you move forward in 2016 - that you will begin to receive:

Inspiration and Insights inspiring positive emotions, such as words, quotes, affirmations, symbols, cards, images, totems, objects that are symbolic for you, even music or song lyrics.  You could take a photo of any symbols to paste on your board or copy images from the internet.

Consider including a photo of yourself taken in an inspired happy moment

Clarity as to your intention for the Vision Board. This is your focus in the meditation journey. This may be in one aspect of your life, themes for your life in general such as relationships, work, business, travel, abundance, and spiritual growth, soul qualities you are strengthening such as courage, forgiveness, compassion, self-love, or a specific project that you wish to energize.

What to bring. Check-list

  • Lots of magazines, images that have inspired you on the internet, photos of symbols important to you
  • Your journal to record any inspirations you receive during and after the meditation journey
  • A selection of coloured pens, glue pens, texta pens if you are into colour and design. Scissors and glue stick
  • A3 poster - weight paper. Choose a colour that resonates. Go to art stores –Eckersley’s, Riot at Erina
  • LUNCH:  A brief lunch break of 40minutes Bring easy- access food. Tea and coffee and water provided
  • PAYMENT $70 Please note that no credit facilities are available
  • YOUR BOOKING is essential to reserve your place and allow you to prepare for the workshop