Joy, love, fear, in fact all emotions, are a valid part of experiencing the colours and textures of our life journey. We haven’t really been taught how to deal with fear – except perhaps to “feel the fear and do it anyway”. There is a gentler way!

Accepting and facing our fears can be a challenging yet necessary part of our spiritual growth. I am inspired to share with you a simple practise I find so powerful to dissolve fear, as it arises. As we release these energies that can limit us in so many ways, we become more of who

we truly are – realising more of the love and light we are. We more powerfully and effectively create our heart dreams and live true to our life purpose.

I’ve made a short free (10minute) audio you can download to assist you.

The secret is to use this process when you catch the fear arising and the fear will “dissolve”. This 10 minute process is simple, gentle and effective.  It calls for your willingness and focus. See below for the 5 Step Process and Article on Fear

ARTICLE “Where Fear and Love Meet" - 5 Step Process To Dissolve Your Fear

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