It's a great time to clear the energies on all levels of your Being to prepare for the new.  Remember how good it feels to add sparkle and shine to your environments, clean out the shelves, cupboards and wardorbes, mend or throw out all that is broken.  All activites that make space for the new to move in.
Cleansing on the inner levels of your Being will assist you to move forward with new perspectives, resolving old programs, beliefs, fears and doubts that may be preventing you from making forward progress with ease and grace. An energy balance using kinesiolgythat will not only resolve issues you may have of hoarding and attachments to old material things in your physical environment.  A balance works with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and into the subtle bodies such as the unconscious, inner child and the soul.  If you are doing a physical de-tox it will optimise the effectiveness of the body's organs and systems of elimination.
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