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"It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing."
Oriah Mountain Dreaming 

"When my heart sings I hear the voice of my soul"


Align to Your Passions and Purpose in Life

Tap into your inspiration, love, wisdom, joy and fulfilment

Is This You?

I work with people from all walks of life. Some have devoted their life to their career, some juggle varied roles, some are already on a spiritual  path, others yearn to be.  All share some common threads.

If you’ve arrived at this site, perhaps you’ve been asking yourself questions such as:

  • I’m considered successful in my life.  Why do I feel that something’s missing? 
  • Can I truly follow my heart in my life, my passions in work, and be successful?
  • I’m feeling ‘stuck” and overwhelmed. I know I need to change and move forward. I’m unsure how and where to begin?
  • How can I feel more love, peace, abundance, contentment and happiness in my life?
  • Why am I here?  Is there a specific purpose for my life?
  • How can I personally contribute to a better world?
  • I’ve heard about The Law of Attraction.  How does it relate to me and my life right now?

These are “soul searching” questions.

Asking these questions means you’ve activated your soul level of consciousness. Your soul, which is your essential nature, guides you to keep growing and evolving. 

When we listen to and are guided by our heart’s desires we are living as our true Self – our soul.  As you align and harmonize your mind, body, soul connection, you tap into your true self, the wellspring of love, wisdom, compassion, peace, joy, creativity, abundance, harmony and fulfillment in your life.   Through re-connecting to your soul “essence’, you ignite these qualities and transform your life.

This is the power of the soul

Specifically this means:

Living true to yourself – free to express yourself and your passions authentically; not living someone else’s version of your life.

Tapping into your true power – soul power- to create your highest expression.

Fulfillment in expressing your unique gifts and talents to enrich your life and others.

Aligning Body Mind Heart and Soul into Action to create with ease and grace a meaningful life

Follow Your Heart, free to love yourself, your work, your life!

The situations, people and issues currently in your life are simply a reflection of your inner world. Creating change happens from your inner core. Opening to new perspectives, observing your thoughts, recognising underlying beliefs and programs that keep you "stuck", you'll come to understand how you are choosing in every moment what you are creating.

Are you ready to revitalize and transform your life ?

You will re-connect to and activate your:
Authentic self
Passions and dreams
Innate gifts and talents
Highest potential expression
Clarity and sense of direction in life
Awareness of how you create your life
Connection to your inner knowing and guidance
Creative power to manifest your deepest desires
Gifts of more unconditional love, abundance, peace, happiness, contentment and more…

Wondering - Where to start? how to begin?

  • Decide it's time to take charge of your life now
  • Register for an Obligation-free 30 minute "life Directions" Consultation (see below).
     You will understand more about how I can assist you and whether my services are a fit for your needs. Whatever you decide, you'll definitely come away with a clearer understanding and new perspectives on where you're at in your life right now and where you'd like to be.  SOUL POWER Unlimited is about assisting you to move forward to close this gap. 
  • Or simply call me to discuss my services and receive more information on the telephone 02 4382 258702 4382 2587, Skype carolyn.cini or click via email.  I'd love to hear from you.

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