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In every moment you are choosing to create your future. Most of the time we are not consciously aware of our thoughts, words, emotions, beliefs that are in every moment powerfully shaping our future. These are the energies of creation that are painting the canvas that unfolds as our life. Every present moment is your point of choice. Discover this is also your point of personal power. Click to read Article on "Personal Power What's it Mean?"

How are you choosing to create your life? Check in to see if any of the following items resonate:

  • Anxiety, perhaps even fear, is creating you to feel drained of energy, tired and lacking motivation
  • Recurring negative thought patterns are creating confusion; unable to make clear decisions
  • Feeling challenged to have a positive outlook on life
  • Feeling insecure, lacking confidence about your future
  • Emotions feel overwhelming to you; creating self-sabotage and procrastination
  • Feeling “stuck “ in your work, a relationship or any area of your life
  • Generally “stressed”; feeling tension in the body
  • Feeling life’s chaotic, you’ve lost control

Take charge of directing your energies towards a future that inspires and excite. Find inner peace, re-newed confidence and serenity.

Your ability to come into a state of present moment awareness, the “Practise of Presence” allows you to become a conscious creator. You can become consciously aware of your inner state of being. As you take your attention within, you are guided to access an expanded open-hearted state of stillness, where love and inner peace are felt in your heart and mind.  The “Ego” mind that is fuelled by old conflicting energies, especially fear-based programs, becomes calm and quiet; any emotions, pain and tensions, simply witnessed, without you needing to be pulled into them or judge them. You are learning to discover your authentic, heart-centred power – the ability to master your energies. This is how you create the changes you desire. Click to read more about “Personal Power –What’s it Mean”

Everyone can benefit from using the “Practise of Presence” especially if you resonated with any items in the list above

As you make this a regular practice, stopping, taking time to re-balance your energies, there is a cumulative beneficial effect over time. The hardest choice is to choose to stop to take “time-out” and let go of the to-do list! Your mind is always pushing to direct your attention outside yourself. Tame you mind!

Science has done many studies that prove the many benefits you can experience over time with sustained practise.

  • Improved health and well-being
  • Stress hormone levels reduced
  • Improved heart rate for a longer life
  • Raised anti-aging hormone (DHEA) levels
  • Ability to maintain emotional clarity in the midst of chaos
  • A clear and focused mind

The General Benefits that you can expect:

  • Access to your intuitive knowing to guide your life with certainty and confidence
  • Increased creativity
  • Feeling life is flowing and things come together magically
  • Clearly defined direction and the next steps
  • Greater inspiration and momentum to move you towards what you desire

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10 minute "Practise of Presence"


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