Are your fears holding you back?

Is fear limiting your happiness, peace, love and fulfilment in life?

Are you aware of the subtle ways fear operates in your life - such as boredom and procrastination?

Take 10 minutes to work through your fears when they arise.

It will change your life!

Joy, love, fear, in fact all emotions, are a valid part of experiencing the colours and textures of our life journey. We haven’t really been taught how to deal with fear – except perhaps to “feel the fear and do it anyway”. There is a gentler way!

Accepting and facing our fears can be a challenging yet necessary part of our spiritual growth. I am inspired to share with you a simple practise I find so powerful to dissolve fear, as it arises. As we release these energies that can limit us in so many ways, we become more of who we truly are – realising more of the love and light we are. We more powerfully and effectively create our heart dreams and live true to our life purpose.

I’ve made a short free (10minute) audio you can download to assist you.
The secret is to use this process when you catch the fear arising and the fear will “dissolve”. This 10 minute process is simple, gentle and effective.  It calls for your willingness and focus. See below for the 5 Step Process and Article on Fear. Click to download .pdf version

ARTICLE “Where Fear and Love Meet",5 Step Process To Dissolve Your Fear

The nature of fear

Fear is an emotion that we all recognise.  It presents itself in many ways.  Most noticeably as feelings of panic, anxiety, even phobias (such as spiders), or physical pain that you may feel in the digestive system, the heart, muscular tension, headache, sweats, heat or cold shivers.

Fears can also be very subtle
Negative thoughts, worry, procrastination, resistance, aggression, defensive and sabotage behaviours and even boredom, all arise from fear. Fear can create irritation, frustration, anger, sadness, guilt, grief, sadness, blame, envy,
jealousy or shame to be felt. It’s really the base line emotion.

The emotional scale - Fear to Love

Emotions are simply “e-motion” i.e. energy in motion that is moving through us. If you can imagine the whole spectrum of emotions on a scale from very dense (low vibrating) to light (high vibrating) energies, fear sits at the bottom dense end of the scale. At the other lighter end are emotions of love, joy, appreciation, freedom and enthusiasm.

When we learn to recognise fear in the various guises mentioned above, we know it as an energy that is dense, for it contracts us, feels like a shutting or closing down, pulling back and pulling in of our energy.  In contrast love feels expansive, uplifting, open, free and all embracing. Love is the pinnacle of the emotional spectrum that we move towards to experience wholeness and wellbeing.

Fear-based energies are parts of our ego locked into memories of traumatic experiences. These ego parts were created in previous times when we shut down our hearts to the flow of love. The traumatic memories when not resolved at the time, are stored – programmed into our cellular memories – often for lifetimes and over eons of time.  These are the karmic memories we hold waiting for the opportunity to be balanced. The purpose of these parts of us that are holding fear-based memories is to protect or guard us from the danger or hurt they perceive when a person or situation triggers these memories. These parts of us can take control and can keep us locked into old patterns of behaviour. Fear causes our mind to become anxious, worry, overthink and analyse because we don’t know where the fear comes from. Then it begins to protect us by closing our heart and energy field so that the fear cannot be released from our body, mind, soul and energy field. Our mind can believe the source of the fear is outside us in others or the environment.

Moving to love up the emotional scale

We live in a fear-based culture fed by media coverage. Consider the daily news events with the potential to fuel our fears, creating a pervasive “mass consciousness” with an undercurrent of fear. Many advertisements, such as for insurance, health, aging and wellbeing, often appeal to our underlying fears to get us to buy.  Fear breeds more fear, whether it be for our safety, job and financial security, loss of any kind, the weather patterns, conflict, persecution and injustice. As we sense fear in environments and in others, our fears activate within us. Depending on the karma that we each hold we’ll resonate with specific fears that will personally stir our own fear based memories. For example, if you have fear-based programs around financial lack, you’ll surely be
triggered often in our material world. When we accept responsibility for our energy we can open our hearts to it and embrace it. As we offer our loving acceptance to meet the fear, the pure light of the universe flows in. The higher vibration of love and light meets the fear restoring all energy to your soul’s unique resonance.
The fear dissolves.

Presently fear continues to be a very powerful force in shaping our world, inciting wars, genocide, religious conflict and much more. To begin to change we can each play a part by the choices we make every day – to see fear for what it really is and transform fear to love.

Can you even begin to imagine a world driven by love-inspired choices instead of fear?
As we learn to recognise and consciously choose to shift the denser (low vibrating) fear energies and allow love to flow again, our fears dissolve. I hope these 5 steps and the free audio may assist you.

5 Steps to Dissolve Your Fears To Love

1. Review the choices and decisions you make every day.

How many choices in life do you currently make based on fear?

If you want to change how this looks you will need to make a commitment to change. It will probably need some courage as well, for our fears can seduce us into remaining “safe” in our old comfort zones – which is exactly why they were originally created. The higher perspective is that each fear challenges us to grow and evolve into more of our true nature.

2. Recognise and acknowledge the fear,
especially if it presents in the more subtle guises that I mentioned in the opening paragraph, that are fear-based. Connect to this part and name it!

3. Welcome your fear.

Do not judge, criticise or deny it exists. Indeed it is showing up for this opportunity to release its hold on you that is preventing you from moving forward in any area of your life. When a fear part shows up strongly it can seem like it is who we are. Accept it as a part of your ego nature - unresolved energy trapped in karmic memories that you hold as a soul - just an old program – a memory, stopping the flow of joy, peace, love, abundance and fulfilment in your life – be it in relationships, finances, work, career, business, home and travel.

4. Accept and believe that the energy of love transforms fear.

You are simply moving energy up the scale to the lightness, warmth and freedom felt in open-hearted love.

5. The “Transform Fear to Love” Process: 
Download FREE audio MP3 on this page to assist you. Transfer it to a portable device so you can use at any time. It’s best to listen when you’re feeling the fear. You can’t do this process too many times!
Click to download .pdf version

Soul Attunement Sessions offer a quick, easy and relaxing process to transform fears of any kind. Your energies are balanced back to wholeness and well-being.

As you lie back and receive the healing session, core cellular memories creating fears in any of the guises I have mentioned, are released.  A session uses a combination of kinesiology and energy healing transmissions, through sacred drawings, sound and angelic healing to restore you to wholeness and wellbeing. One of the 33 balances will address your specific issues - such as relating to finances, manifesting your desires, soul evolution and consciousness, business, relationships, health, self- worth. To read more

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