Its now time to share my C.O.D.E.S which I use in my sessions of life "soul" coaching, soul guidance, meditation and as a multi-dimensional kinesiologist.  Each is a powerful tool for your healing and transformation.

C.O.D.E.S are energetic transmissions of frequency related to specific energies.  I source each
C.O.D.E in a meditation journey to access the energy frequencies related to the healing . Each CODE when activated by you (see below "How To Activate") opens a doorway of consciousness. It acts at your cellular DNA level to change old pattens.

My first gift to you is a favorite of mine - "Divine Love


 Click on the link below to download the picture file. 

To Activate the C.O.D.E

Bring yourself into a relaxed state and open up your energy field to the field of unlimited love and light that is the unified field of consciousness, all around you.  You can do this simply by expanding and opening through your heart

space. Then imagine connecting to all the trees, flowers, oceans, and crystal and earth kingdoms and beyond.
Focus your awareness and attention on the code image.  Take in the visual and all the energies as you ask your Divine intelligence to activate and spin the energies of the C.O.D.E.S through your entire Being; through the cells, the DNA, the meridians, chakras and the energy matrix of your multi-dimensional Being. You will open to the level of consciousness related to the C.O.D.E that is appropriate at this time.

Place the
C.O.D.E where you can continue to take in the energies. For example This is a lovely C.O.D.E for your altar.
._Divine Love.jpg ._Divine Love.jpg
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