As the refreshing warmer energies of spring arrive it’s a great time for a detox.  Perhaps, you’re contemplating a special detox program or a diet and /or exercise program?

To get a head start, you might consider an energy balance as a primer.  After all, if your cells, organs, body tissues and/ or systems hold blocks, old programs of resistance, the detox could be very uncomfortable and as much as you’d like to do it, it may even be inappropriate right now.

Considering that our bodies ingest, digest, assimilate and eliminate not only food products but also our emotions, thoughts and beliefs, in these times of change, the body is working harder to keep in balance. An energy balance, using the kinesiology modality “Rekindled Ancient Wisdom”, is a perfect resource to get you started.  You will access and release any negative patterning at the cellular, organ, systems levels held in any of your subtle energy bodies and your self healing process will activate.

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