The New Year offers a sense of a fresh start.  The good news is that there is a new optimism for visions that you may have struggled to manifest in 2011 as the planetary energies support expansion and forward movement (Christmas day, Jupiter and Mercury began to move forwards). Time to clear the slate and move into 2012 with clear direction and focus.

I share here a practice that I do each end of each year. It allows me to move forward, refreshed and ready to create anew in 2012.

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An important first step is to begin by completing on what you’ve created in 2011

The universal Law of creation states that we are creating our reality – everything in our lives, the people the situations and physical environments we are in, are drawn to us from some level of our Being, in each moment.  The energies of our words, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, feelings and emotions are directed in each moment onto a blank canvas of possibility. The Qantum laws of physics operate to manifest our creations from these energies.
Bringing conscious awareness, as the alert “observer” of the energies you are putting out is the key to manifesting what you want.

Reflect on your creations in 2011

The influxes of high energies in 2011 have affected everyone in some way. It’s been described as a challenging year by many. The light frequencies of energy illuminate areas of our lives needing our attention – to resolve unresolved energies of the past that limit our growth and evolution.  The key is to rise above the details and to review what’s occurred from the higher perspective. Then you’ll see many blessings. 

What is cause for you to celebrate?
What do you to let go, that no longer serves you?
What have you learned from the challenges that are helping you to evolve?

 “COMPLETION” PRACTICE – prepare to move into the new, refreshed and ready to create anew in 2012.

1.Take time out to create a space of stillness and quiet within. Have your journal or pen and paper handy
2.Consider: What have been your (more obvious) opportunities and blessings? Record these.
3. Consider: What have been your challenges? Take the higher perspective to reflect on the learnings and wisdom that you have received?  There are always positives to find in each situation, however uncomfortable at the time.  On our journey of growth and evolution of consciousness we become more of who we truly are by resolving the old limitations. Record all of these.
4. Continue to add to the list as things come to mind.
5. Prior to New Year take timeout to create a ceremonial offering of thanks for everything on your list.
You might choose to light a candle in a space you create in your own special way, as sacred.  From an open-hearted state of “Presence” offer gratitude to your guides and to all the people and situations listed.
6. If there are any unresolved energies you become aware of as feeling incomplete, surrender them by asking your guides to assist you to let go of the past. Breathe them out with love and intention. You may choose to list them separately and ceremonially burn the list.
7. Take time to feel the open-hearted unconditional love that gratitude and appreciation invokes. Acknowledge  yourself for all that has occurred on the journey this year.  This is an act of love to yourself
Remember that the energies of love, gratitude and abundance hold the same frequencies. As the Law of Attraction suggests, you become a magnet attracting these energies you hold.

You are now ready to embrace the new and what your heart desires for 2012.