Reprogram your relationship to Money. Release limiting patterns.

How do you limit the flow of money in your life?  

Do you overspend?
Are you in a cycle of debt?
Do you never seem to have the money to do as you want?
Are money and financial stress affecting you relationships?
Do you feel you deserve more than you are getting?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, there is at least one program about money tucked away in your energy field that is impacting your life in a destructive way. Money is an energy which, like all others, can be sabotaged, suppressed, blocked, lost and/or not flowing in your life.
The money we attract is determined by many factors such as: our beliefs, genetic programs, religious/spiritual programs, karmic patterning, self worth, self
love, our willingness to achieve, vows and promises, past life imbalances and the financial situation we were born into. We usually hold these programs beyond our conscious knowing, such that we repeat the same patterns and feel stuck in an endless cycle.

Money is our energetic currency of exchange. In a world that promotes credit and interest free purchases for some years, working with money in the most
productive way is one of life's challenges.

A Money Balance from Rekindled Ancient Wisdom identifies and reprograms the factors that are creating the repeating patterns around money in your life.

Is your health and/or weight being affected by money programs?

I recently worked with a client who came with big challenges. She was gaining weight despite her rigorous diet and exercise regime and had dangerous blood
clotting and fatigue.

We were both a little surprised when the balance indicated to correct her inner programs, was a money balance, (given that I now have a balance that's more aligned to weight issues!).

Another client was working through chronic anxiety and loneliness issues.  Again we were surprised to clear the issues using the money balance.

How I love (and trust) that the RAW balance always accesses,through connecting to your body's wisdom, the correct balance for the issues.

Money is just one part of our life and probably the most destructive force when it is out of balance.  There's no doubt that it affects every area of your life.

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