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What limits you in love ?

"Love" is a word charged with many meanings depending on the individual.  It's many expressions include kindness, generosity, deep intimacy or romantic encounters.

This LOVE balance seeks for you to attain balance in the purest of the various love energies or "vibrations" - that of
unconditional love.

Unconditional love is love freely offered from your open heart, without expectations or judgments, no withholding, in full acceptance of the person or situation.  It is the essential ingredient in forgiveness and compassion.

Are you feeling trapped in old patterns of love and relationships?

Past life experiences, genetic programming, different relationship experiences and/or karmic memories can influence how we interpret and express love.
As a result of these different energies we attract people and situations into our lives as an opportunity to heal programs that are trapped in our system.  The LOVE Balance frees us from recyling the same patterns of love and relationships in our lives.
The balance can be done remotely, as you go about your day (I'll call you with the results after you book the balance and discuss the issues you'd like to address) OR please come to receive it as you lie down and relax in my healing room at MacMasters Beach.
I can promise you that this new LOVE balance will be profoundly revealing!
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