The celebration we call “Christmas” can mean many things.  Perhaps it’s a time you’re connecting to family, gathering in person or when you feel the absence of family.  I lived in Washington D.C. for 9 years and and at Christmas especially my thoughts turned to family.  We missed celebrating with both my family ( in Australia) and my husband’s family (Italy).

The emotions can be charged at this time for many reasons.  Our preparations for Christmas day create “stress” for many.  Add to this the tensions that family gatherings (or absence) can provoke.

As we approach December 25th, we are especially being called to step up in consciousness by releasing the old patterns of limitation relating to our family/ancestral lineage.  (Read more on balancing relationships and karma, click here).

I’d like to offer a practice you might find useful to bring more peace, love and joy into your Christmas.  I suggest you try it on the Day!

  1. Decide to create love, peace and joy on Christmas day. Your creations are always your choice!
  2. Bring awareness to any issues that may potentially “press your buttons”.  Family dynamics offer wonderful opportunities to clear old limiting patterns and balance karmic memories.  No doubt you’re noticed this!  Accept that you are choosing to let go of the past – forever!  Writing these issues down will assist you to bring conscious awareness and clarity to them. Note down the thoughts and feelings arising as you connect to each issue. (hopefully there aren’t too many!)
  3. Become “Present”.  Center your energies by taking your awareness within, opening your heart to feel the unconditional love that you are and finding the quiet place of peace within.  Disengage from the mind chatter by focusing on your heart and expanding the gentle softness of love, with every breath.
  4. Call for assistance from your guidance team of love and light to maintain this open-hearted peaceful state of “Presence”. 
  5. Surrender each issue and the associated thoughts and emotions you have noted calling for assistance from your guides.  Intend to release these energies and breathe them out.  See, sense or feel  these energies leaving through every pore of your body. Spend some time on this until you feel free.
  6. Imagine the movie of your day unfolding in love, peace and joy.  See it, feel it, do it as you’d like to play out the “movie” you’re creating.  Your subconscious does not know the difference between your imagination and what’s happening! Take time to really feel the shifts.
  7. Give thanks:  for your creations as you imagine them already happening; to your guides for their assistance ; for the opportunity to clear the past and enjoy the present in new ways.

Remember that the “Christ Consciousness” is about unconditional love for all – in full acceptance of what is, free of judgments and expectations. This includes, and is especially about, love for yourself and those aspects of you that react so easily.  Family usually offers our biggest challenges and the reactive patterns are well rehearsed. Your practice of doing this 7 step preparation, is an act of love. Acknowledge yourself!

If you need assistance to support the clearing of any limiting patterns and karmic balancing, contact Carolyn-Ann 02 4382 2587 or email