"Where your gifts and joy meet the needs of the world, there lies your life purpose"

When you are connected to the deeper meaning of your life you feel inspired, living your passions with a sense of purpose and joy in life. The sense of personal fulfilment that results cannot be bought or be given to you by another. And it is unique to you. You gain the clarity about yourself that is an invaluable rudder
to guide you forward in your life.  Once you recognise it, you awaken the natural power within you.

Perhaps presently, you’re
  • Wondering where your life’s heading.  Feeling there’s something more to life and unsure where and how to find answers
  • Reasonably successful to date yet feeling something’s missing…uninspired right now
  • Feeling at a crossroads in life, a bit lost, unsure and lacking clarity on what’s next
  • Feeling you are meandering through life lacking clear focus and direction
  • Challenged by your present circumstances and fearing the changes that may need to happen
  • Feeling overwhelmed, “stuck” even though you have a sense of where your life’s headed
  • No longer wanting to live someone else’s version of your life – wanting to be “free to be me”
  • Seeking more inspiration, love , happiness, peace and contentment
Right now, we’re in a time of great planetary shifts and personal change.  The impact of all the energies coming into the earth’s field are calling all of us to step up to be more of who we are and the best we can be.
If any of the above resonate with you, I invite you to join me for one of the 1 day “Your Life Purpose” workshops scheduled in December, 2012. Each workshop is limited to 6 people. Location - Macmasters Beach. Saturday 10am- 4.30 pm Your choice of December 2nd or December 8th
I will guide you through fun activities that will bring clarity, insights and greater sense of Self and your direction in life. 
In recognising that all answers are within you, I’ll also facilitate your connection to your guidance and inner knowing through guided meditation. I offer you a safe and space to discover more of who you are and what you are here to do.  Applying my coaching skills I will assist you to make sense of what you discover
and offer resources for your continuing journey.
I’m inspired in anticipation of hearing from you .  Please call me for more information and/or  visit my website
02 4382 2587